About Me


A young and passionate filmmaker & photographer who lives in Los Angeles,  originally from one of the top food cities in China, Canton.

Before moving to Los Angeles, she lived in New York for nearly four years and was involved in multiple film projects both large and small. 

She began to receive artistic training and education since she was three years old, including piano, clarinet, singing, painting, Chinese checker, anchoring, yoga etc.


Her education planted in her a keen interest in creative fields and her potential has been revealing throughout the years. In 2012, she had received her Bachelor degree in Broadcasting and Anchoring in China, also had experience interning and working in a number of television and broadcasting stations.


At 2017, she received her Master Degree in Filmmaking in Los Angeles.

Nowadays, as a storyteller with experience directing, producing & writing, she is dedicated to make better films and give a voice to even more diverse and under-represented groups, hopefully change the world for the better. 

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